Bebelan friday

I thought i will be less busy this week because my iphone got prob, so i borrowed husband's phone and his phone cant download whatsapp.
Well it kinda good and bad news for me. Good because client can only email me instead of bugging me tru whatsapp.
Bad because i cant sms short line rite. It will waste my credit. Booo.
This week is all about planning life. Hahaha dats all i can say at this moment until the plan work. Insyaallah.

Btw last week my parents came to my house.
It's good to see them after a month didnt see them. I miss them everyday!
So when they came, we jalan2 almost everyday hahahaha. 
What to do, my house just near to ou, the curve and ikea.
So it's very convenient to go there instead of going to shah alam rite.

They stay at my house for 4 days. When they went back to johor, umar and i felt so empty (lil dramatic there).
Took us a while to accept the fact that it's only the 2 of us again at daytime.
Huhu umar keep on going to atuk's room to check either they are there or not.
Giggle when i show him his picture with his atuks.
He's so attached to them when they were here.
When the atuk went to their room, he will follow them.
Ignore me and only come to me for susu.
I think if he's on fm, he will completely ignore me.
I dun mind at all because i knew the time is so short so i love to see their bonding even tho it's only for 4 days. Lucky that umar still remembered his atuks even tho a month didnt see their face. Alhamdulillah.
Im not sure why in bangi he's not really close to my PIL.
We spend more time there actually.
Maybe with my parents, they love to kiss him and read books, play some abc video, bought him toys that made the bonding strong.
But his cousin which few months older than him on my husband side is more close to my PIL.

Ni masa lepak kat teh tarik place sabtu pagi. Seronok sgt dapat breakfast ngn dorg. Rasa da lama sgtttttt tak breakfast luar cmni sesama. Rindu kat dorg da. Lagi2 bila mak msg ckp sampai bp je teros batuk with phlegm. Sigh my mom memang takle penat sgt. Mmg sng je batuk akan attack dia. Which normally will take a month to recover. Stay strong mak. 

Mood pepagi kelaut. Mandi pon belom. A nite before tido lambat. Sbb dia asik nk kua bilik nak g bilik atuk. So kasikla dia spend masa ngn atuk dia lama sikit. Tu yg tido lambat.

Pastu g ou the same day lunch kat situ. Umar moody giler sbnrnye sbb dia skip nap dia. Tp kebetulan kat sini ada menu fried banana ice cream. Terbaik. Banana and ice cream mmg fav umar. So bila kasi dia mkn, mood dia terus ok.

The next day mkn kat ayam penyet the curve plak. Umar tu tgh nyampah kat aku sbb dia tgh tgok dibo aku sebok kaco.

Adik laki aku pon dapat join sama. Hehe. Husband aku je tak dpt join sbb nk visit mak dia jap n nk jumpa bf dia. (Best friend). Bila kahwin ngn alip, aku cuba untuk terima dia seadanya. Hahaha means sometimes mmg dia akan tinggalkan aku untuk lepak ngn kawan dia lama la gak stgh hari. Ni bila parents aku ada kat sini tak la terasa sgt. Kdg2 dia tinggalkan aku kat bangi ngn umar je ngn MIL aku. So ko rasa aku bosan tak dok rumah lama2 stgh hari weekend plak tu!  Ntah le tak kuasa aku nk debate issue ni. Buat pening je. Ahad ni if dia buat benda sama, aku rasa aku nak lepak ngn umar kat bangi gateaway. Situ aku tgok mcm2 da ada. Tengok la. 

With atuks sebelum my parents balik.

Bila 2-3 hari baru la mood dia ok pagi2.

Ok means bawak barangan dapur kuar n gedegang gedegung. Aku biar je. Kata sel2 otak dia tgh berkembang. Dari tgok abc or dibo je. So sila la buat sepah n bising.

A day after. Bgun2 terus main blocks ni. Bagus. Kawasan mainan dia mmg rutin aku kemas b4 tido n b4 husband balik kjr. So pagi biar je umar main.

Ni muka happy dah susu, breakfast, mandi, susu, lunch n susu lagi. Huhu

Ni muka nap kol 3 ptg-5ptg selepas penat menyepahkan rumah n kekenyangan.

Im glad it's friday again as i dun need to iron husband nye working clothes sbb dorg pakai casual.
God bless his company haha.

Umar the fussy eater

Plannye nk tido awal kol 12 tp ada je mende nk buat terbabas 1.30 plak.
Btw kena update gak b4 tido coz im so happpppy that umar ate 3x portion of his food intake.
Lebih kurang 3 senduk nasi.
Tak ke byk tu for his age. He is now 1y 7m (almost in 2 more days).

Being skip nasi putih for awhile because he dun want to eat it before so sometimes i make nasi goreng, homemade chicken nugget, or fries.
He dun like egg and chicken for now.

So my mom came to our house and i told her bout umar.
She said i have to try again give him plain rice as it's not really good to always give nasi goreng.
Tho i use vegetable oil for it.
Ok la, lagipon aku pon da penat oit buat nasi goreng setiap 2 hari untuk umar ku sayang.

So yesterday i try goreng ikan kembung. Gaul2 dengan nasi putih. Letak sayur goreng (carrot, brokoli and cauliflower). Umar ni sayur xde hal. Tp bab ayam ke ikan ke telur tu bermasalah skit.
So lepas gaul semua tu aku doa byk2 umar tak kua kan dari mulut.
Wau he ate it! Habis plak tu. Yeyyy.

So today i try to make sup sayur je. (Carrot+brokoli+kentang).
Ingt nk goreng ikan bilis tp tak smpt sbb g hiro jap beli groceries.
So balik da nak dekat 8.30pm terusla suap umar makan.
Dia makan habis and bersungguh2 ok!
Selalu aku kena kejar dia. Ni dia kejar aku. Pastu siap mintak tambah.
Comel sgt sbb aku letak mangkuk dia atas meja bawah tudung saji. Dia sebok nak panjat meja nk amik mangkuk tu.
So aku pon musykil la nk main ke nk mkn lagi ni.
So aku tambah la nasi n sup sayur dia lagi suap.
Makan bersungguh2 hihi bila abes dia buat benda sama. So 3 portion nasi dia makan mlm ni.
Im a happy mom!!

To those of you if u have fussy eater kids like mine jgn giveup kie.
Sesama la kita mencuba.
For my case, i hope fasa fussy dia da berakhir.
I think still ada cuma somehow i da tau la what kind of food dia sker and size of the food yg kena bagi.

Esok nak try kasi labu plak. Before this pernah kasi 3 bulan lepas dia x sker.
Esok maybe dia suka. Who knows rite?

Si fussy eater and his new friend, dragon which he called it as dinasour. Hahaha sel otak umar tgh berkembang. I think he is clever as without that wing i think yes it look like dinasour. :p

The annual dinner

So alhamdulillah everythg went well on the annual dinner.
Tho all preparations were made at the last minute.
Bought my long sleeve gold top from the flea market the curve n just mix match with my skirt and belt. Shawl borrowed from my sister. Im cheapskate like that hehe.
Bought husband bow tie at tangs one utama at only RM15.90 hehe. We will only use for 1 nite rite.
Dont want to spend much.
Tho i did spend on makeup a bit for the eyebrow thgy. Didnt trim my eyebrow just apply eyebrow liner and eyebrow brown color.
If you go to sasa the assistant sure will help you.
Lucky when i went there no customers so she help to demo and give tips and all.

The look on that day:-
Before - no makeup

After makeup. Haha obviously i need alot of practise. First time blend eyeshadow color mcm whatever la janji kol 6.15 kena gerak. 

Btw if you guys looking for makeup artist or nak belajar makeup ke please follow my SIL at her instagram. She is really talented! You can request any type of makeup u want. One day i will join her classes as well. Tunggu la umar besar sikit. Or tunggu da pindah bandar seri putra. Dekat sikit ngn rumah dia. Setaman kan ke senang.

Follow @herahelmi at instagram ok? Dia da ada 2 anak tp body maintain ok. Kalo ko jumpa dia rasa cam tipu la takkan la ada anak dah. Haha gitu.

Btw on that day, we leave house around 6.30pm and arrive there around 6.55pm.
The event was held at Le Meredien Hotel.
Since dah jaga wudhu before makeup dari rumah, so senang la teros je solat magrib kat surau hotel tu masa smpai.

Lepas solat, naik atas baru pukul 7.20pm.
Event start pukul 8pm.
Kena bergambar kat red carpet dulu.
I layan je hehe walaupon segan gilerr sbb ramai.
Tp pk lantakla aku tak kenal pon drg ni semua. Hehe

What we wore for the event. Ok la ni masukla ngn theme james bond kan. Husband recycle baju kahwin. Berbaloi buat memahal masa kahwin. Boleh recycle hehe.

I really love the satin shawl that i wear. The color, the material and the end curve like that. My sister bought it from shawlbyvsnow. I yang recommend kat dia before. Sbb i rasa harga dia berbaloi dengan kualiti tudung. Harga tudung ada yang murah n mahal ikot jenis yang kita nak beli. As cheap as RM25. Murah and cantik. Yang i pakai ni my sis said harga dia dlm RM40 lebey kot. Cuba check website diorg. I pernah beli 3 tru their website. Beli harini esok dapat. Giler cepat ok.

Tablemates kitorg okla semua pon mesra alam. So takla buhsan bila husband tinggal kan i n g smoking ngn kawan2 dia. I boleh borak selamba je ngn wife kawan dia. 

Simple je event dia. Makan2. Jawab 15 soalan berdasarkan cerita james bond which all of us tak dpt jawab haha. Pastu ucapan dari bosses dia. After that ada session menari2 n minum2 (company omputih) tp kitorg tunjuk muka je la n borak2. Kol 10 lebih dah habis dah. So saper nak join menari stay la korg smpai pukul baper pon kat situ.

Hello james bond!

Hello gf james bond hehe. Husband amik gambar mesti blur la. Tak full la. This is the best shot of me that he took. Redha. Hello i bukan rnadiasabrina mahupon vivy yusof ok. Certain angle je i cantik tau.
Husband said "who's that?" Urmms...

Our 2nd date without umar. hehe

Kat table kitorg tu ada all this props. I je kat table tu sebok bergamba with the props. Well... Bini saper la ni. Kurang segan sbb tablemates i sporting cuma dorg nerd abit hahaha. Nama pon company IT.

Of course i drag husband as well.

Sampai rumah pukul 11pm. Umar behave well sepanjang di bawah jagaan atuks n moksu dia. 
Dia tak minum susu yang i pump utk dia pon.
Tp makan nasi goreng n minum air masak la. Ok la tu.

Tq jaga umar. Nanti boleh jaga lagi :p.

James bond

Dulu masa kat mmu, setiap kali g kelas, wajib letak eyeshadow and eyeliner.
If tak letak, rasa mcm x kena je!
Skrg, pakai eyeliner kalau kua ngn husband je. If kua umar berdua jgn harap nk letak paper. Sempat letak bedak pon da bersyukur.

Dulu, lipstic ada la jugak few colors nak g kelas or office.
Skg, seketul je ada. Hahaha pakai la baju or tudung apa pon, mmg tu je color nye.

Haih. Langsung x hot suri rumah ni!

Well, tomorrow ada dinner ngn husband. (His office annual dinner)
Baju pon tak decide lagi nk pakai apa.
Theme: james bond

Sajer la nak share for fun since tgh buat research utk esok hahaha

Aku rasa makeup cmni mmg cukup james bond abes. I mean gf james bond kan selalunye nampak angkuh tp cantik n seducing gitu.

Ok2 maybe mata bley buat ala2 cmni. Kena beli bulu mata palsu tu ke? Last pakai masa kahwin. Kalau gatal beli mascara mmg takkan pakai lagi lepas ni coz i dun like mascara.

Pastu eyeliner kasi tajam cm hantu cina sikit cmni :p sbb dari jauh kena nmpak mata mcm besar kann

Trend skg ni kening takya cukur2. Ko letak je color natural n shape la bebetol. Lagi tebal lagi cun ala2 elfira loy gitu. Bagusla. Cukur pon haram.

Look that i hope to achieve for tomorrow:-

Kalau berjaya ala2 cmni pon da terbaik laaaaa sgt

Ok la maybe nk ala2 rnadiasabrina she's so pretty i can just look at this picture for 5 minutes.
*girl crush*

But i dun have alot of makeup tools i might end up look like diana rikasari kot. Kot. Ni pon da terbaik la kannn hahaha

Skg nak pakai baju apa?? Ntah le sok baru decide.
Tp suka tgok style dorg ni:-

Hihi tgok la end up sok nak pakai apa. Ntah apa la rupa ku esok. :p

Btw thank you mak abah n yana sbb akan jaga umar for 5 hours tomorrow. Td try perah susu utk umar. 1oz pon tak smpi. Matila. Selalu bagi direct je. N umar x plak nangis x ckup ke apa. Maybe i beli fresh milk sikit kot utk esok. Sbb utk 5 hours je kan. Lgpon umar ni if atuk dia ada tros lupa susu. Dah haus baru cari aku. So aku akan suh dorg sentiasa kasi dia air masak hehe.

Wake up to good news

Blogging is easy nowadays as i type from my ipad while breastfeeding umar haha!
Thats the only my free time! A mom gotta b good at multitasking or else nothing can be done.
In prev post i wrote about our plan to take care of my MIL by next week.
You know what, after the post has been published, i woke up the next morning with a good news!
Im sorry i cant tell it here yet what it's all about as it's related to our business plan as it's too early to tell anythg.
But lets say it has been in our plans for past few months and we almost give up on that plan but yesterday gave another hope!

It reminds me of what my teacher teach me before, 
'Jika kita berniat baik untuk buat sesuatu kebaikan, Allah akan bagi 10 kebaikan. Walaupon kita baru berniat je Allah dah bagi ganjaran'
Thats how i feel yesterday. 
Alhamdulillah for this new hope ya Allah.
Will make the best effort of this lil oppurtunity you give.

Mmg boleh la retired dari kjr2 design web pasni insyaAllah. Seriously my brain so exhausted nowadays i dun think my brain can do tough stuffs like before having umar. Hahaha if u got what i mean.
Im aging! Like it or not.
My passion still there. But my energy are not. This 2 very dependent. I listen to radio before that said, "tido adalah salah satu nikmat hidup".
Ohs a day after i send my artwork to my client, i slept early at 9.30pm i felt so goooood it's been sooo long i didnt sleep that early. Umar sleep early too that nite. :)

In the other hand, today was a bit exhausted.
I went out with umar to settle some stuffs and he just had his nap like 10 minutes in the car and i expect him to continue nap when we reach home. He normally had his nap around 3pm to 4pm.
Nope, he breastfeed and so energetic afterthat and only had his nap at 7pm and wake up at 9pm to play.
He just fall asleep just now. (At 2am)

There goes my 'me time' at nite.
I always scared if he skip his evening nap as it will ruin his sleep time at nite.
Not only that, it makes me confuse when to feed him for dinner.
At 6pm or 9pm? Haha but today i feed him dinner at 6pm coz i know he will fall asleep anytime soon.

Tomorrow my parent come! Yeyy somebody can entertain umar and he will be less bugging me in the kitchen. (I hope so)
Now all the kitchen utensils became his toys.
So it's not weird anymore if we can find spoon or folk on the floor.
Or even mayonnese inside his horse toy.

He just pretending play husband's phone. Hehe

And he call anything on his head as 'hat' and that include my tudung. Haha lantak la umar.

Songkok pon hat. Hehe sukati la umar

Lil update

Masa i taip ni pukul 3.53am.
I baru nak tido uolls. Tp happy sbb baru siap kjr client.
Baru part 1. Ada lagi part 2 and 3 and byk la.
Sigh ini mmg confirm project last aku.
No more web design after this.
Aku betul2 tobat. Tak kisahla if in future dorg nak kasik sejuta pon hahaha berangan.
If kasi sejuta i tros hire fresh grads kjr under i.
Eh menariks gak kan.
Aku rasa fresh grads la paling rajin bekerja.
Still remember the endless days balik lambat dari opis..
Sambung buat kjr kat umah...
Pastu weekend happy2 g mkn.

There's alot of things i wanna do after this.
Takper pelan2 kayuh. Cuba terbaik dengan kudrat yg ada.
Baru few days bz, rumah mcm aper.
Baju tak sempat lipat weekend.
Baju kjr husband tak smpt gosok.
So ada org tu majuk g kjr smlm ckp 'mlm ni letak semua baju atas iron board i nak gosok'.
Eh menarik sgt tu walaupon tone dia mcm serius.
Aku mmg bz tak smpt nak iron baju dia ok.
Sempat masak pon da bersyukur giler.
Tp td b4 tido tiba2 dia bersuara penat request tolong gosokkan baju leh.
Hehehe dah agak dah aku gak yg knr kan.
Hoih la malas tol nak anta kedai dobi.
Kalau pindah bandar seri putra nanti mmg sng kjr aku.
Semua kedai dpn rumah.
Takya merempuh jam la nak g kedai dobi je.

Btw dinner td aku berjaya buat yee mee yang sedap.
Nyums. Makan tu penting ye untuk energy. Hehe
Especially breastfeed mom cm aku yg mmg sentiasa lapar.
Umar plak jenis setiap 1-2 jam sekali mmg nak susu.
So roti and cheese and telur mmg best friends.

Minggu depan mungkin rutin hidup aku berubah sikit.
Maybe kitorg duduk bangi jap weekdays sbb nak jaga MIL aku n weekend baru balik umah sendiri.
Time tu rasa nye dia dah leh kua hospital.
Saja offer diri tolong jaga sbb kesian.
Walaupon aku pon mmg bz setiap hari, takpela kita cuba jaga.
Mungkin dah jadi mak kita lebih appreciate mak2 kita.
Aku pon ada anak laki.
Walaupon tatau 1 day dia akan jaga kitorg tak if kitorg sakit.
Nak lawat kitorg tak weekend.
Of course as mom we will try to protect them no matter wut happen.
Sakit sikit tros bawak klinik.

So now sanggup tak kita buat yg sama utk parents kita?
Ni masa sakit and susah dia.
Satu hari nanti giliran kita.
Plus i tgok contoh terbaik which my parents took care of my grandparents well b4 they passed away.
I hope my husband and i can do the same too to our parents insyaallah.
It wont b easy handling umar and MIL at the same time.
But i think by the time MIL mungkin dah kuat sikit.
I want to help to prepare the food and tolong2 basuh baju sidai kain.
Sbb MIL knr makan makanan yg diblend and ditapis saja at the moment.

I doa harap dipermudahkan perancangan. Insyaallah.
Cuma i tatau cmne nak bahagi masa buat kjr client next week.
Sbb rasanye confirm i tido awal mlm kan sbb penat.
Will see how la.

Waktu nap dia ptg td hehe

Ohs ptg smlm sempat bwk umar g playground.
Happy sbb neighbour i ada bwk cucu dia.
So lehla borak macam2. Cuaca pon best sgt. Windy and not hot.
N then ada few girls neighbour i gak rajin layan umar.
Umar happy sgt smpai taknak balik.
Terpaksa ckp "saper nak main bubble?" baru dia nk balik.
Eee sabar je la. Dah pandai dah tau tunjuk perasaan.

Where's ur manners, parents?

I cant sleep on friday nite thinking about my neverending work for my client.
However i still have to wake up early on Saturday morning as we went for our breakfast outside.
Then go back to bangi to pick up my youngest SIL to visit my MIL who just had her operation for her cancer tyroid.

Hoih panjang nye ayat. Confirm cikgu english aku nangis nk betulkan grammar and seperate ayat :p.
Biar la malas nk susun ayat mlm2 ni.
Btw my MIL admitted kat hospital putrajaya.
Hospital ni budak2 xle masuk.
So aku ckp ngn husband we take turn to look after umar.
So husband visit her mom first.

Umar mood keriangan baru lepas bgun tidur, makan and susu, sangat happy la nak berjalan sana sini kat hospital tu.
Naseb baik i follow my instinct not to bring stroller along kalau tak mesti dia merengek nak kuar stroller and satu hal plak nak kejar umar sambil jaga stroller kan.
So okla. He behave well pon. Just make a pit stop a bit while he walk.
Then suddenly ada this BIG girl out of nowhere jalan terhuyung hayang tak tengok kiri kanan teros langgar and jatuh atas anak aku.
Hoihhhh terkejut okkk.
Terkejut tahap aku terus angkat anak aku and bagi jelingan maut kat budak tu.
Umar mesti la teros nangis.
Yang aku geram parents dia kat situ nampak depan mata tengok muka aku n tengok tempat lain TANPA say sorry at all?
Eeee biadapnye. Budak nye of course la tak say sorry tho i think at her age she can say sorry but nvm.
I tak byk hal since nama pon budak. I bengang kat parents tu je.

So i teros straight masuk kedai balloon n bunga kebetulan dpn mata i sambil tenangkan umar yg tgh nangis.
Akak kat dlm tu tanye nape i pon cter la kejadian tadi.
Maybe sbb marah sgt sukati je kan cter kat stranger.
Akak tu pon ckp situ budak2 mmg ganas sikit.
Selalu suka2 je amik balloon dari kedai dia x bayar.
Terpaksa suh pak guard kejar budak2 tu.
Hoih mcm tu pon ada.

Seriously discipline start from home!
N most importantly ur kids might mirror what u did.
Of course we all know kids has their unique personality when they grow up and all.
Tp basic manners like that. I think it's not that hard to apologize even tho i look younger than them.
Pfft whatever la what a day.
Tadi umar jln terjengket2 sket. Harap sok lusa ok.
Eeeeee masih terbakar hatiku bila ingt balik.

Gembira setelah pujuk ngn balloon RM9. By the time habis melawat my MIL, dah pecah dah balloon yer. Haha aperla. Husband kata time dia jaga umar tarik tangan dia g playground. Kena panas je, balloon tu pecah.

Btw sampai giliran aku visit my MIL.
Sedih tengok keadaan dia.
She still look weak. I hope she will recover soon.
She's such a lovely mom, always tried her best to please everyone, always cook delicious food for us, and always positive about everythg.
I believe positive mind will beat anythg in this world.
Insyaallah she can go tru this challenge of her life.

Get well soon mama! 

Everything nice.

Yesterday i met up my friends at damansara perdana.
Somewhere near metropolitan square damansara perdana.
Obviously i dont know the building name haha since it's new and i just follow my friend's instruction to go there.

It was really nice place. Maybe because it's new. And still not so many people there.
We had our brunch at Metal Box, if im not mistaken the name.
All of us take the breakfast set since it looks more tempting than the boring pasta.
True enough i really enjoy my salmon+toasted bread+poached eggs.
We all ate different set just to see the variety of the food hehe.

Lepak outdoor sbb dlm dah full. Naseb bawak nasi goreng untuk umar siap2 punya la lama tunggu food kitorg. Dah habis suap umar, baru food kitorg dtg. Umar skg fav dia nasi goreng. Maka setiap ari la kasi nasi goreng. Bagus dah xde drama nak kasi food kat anak. Mummy happy, umar kenyang. Harap berterusan ye kerjasama ni umar :p.

Our food. Nyums! Total dlm Rm100. Sorg kira rm25. Ok kot. Sbb portion dia byk n mengenyangkan. Talking from a mom yang tak kenyang mkn kfc. This portion mmg kenyang dari kfc haha.

Next time nak try big breakfast set mcm my friend ni pulak. 

Kawan2 mmu. Alhamdulillah masih berkawan smpai skg walaupon masing2 sgt bz ngn life masing2. Susah sgt nak jumpa each other. Last jumpa masa 3-4 bulan lepas. Punya la lama. Alhamdulillah kali ni ada jodoh nak meet up.

Lebih santai lepak kali ni sbb outdoor and anak aku boleh...

....berjalan sana sini! Huwaaaaa tp tak penat sgt kejar sbb outdoor dia tertutup hehe naseb baik

Hello hello baju biru tu anak akak ke? Chilex sgt ni.

Aah anak kita la. Tambah pulak ada kolam ikan. Mmg win la tempat ni. I like.

Terpaksa la umpan ngn ipad jap. Tak kejap pon adalah sejam ahahaha sbb semua benda dia campak ke bawah meja hahaha. Cpt sikitla besar umar. Nti mummy ajar color book. Da start ajar menconteng dah. 

Lepas mkn, lepak minum kopi jap kat kedai roti sebelah tu. Ntah apa nama. Yg pasti i really love my caramel mocchiato there. Terbaikkkk. Dapp harga pon Rm10 je tp portion sama byk ngn starbuck. Berbaloi sgt ni!!

Akak xle amik gambar coffee akak artistic sgt sbb kejar anak akak yg turun naik kerusi kuar masuk kedai mcm rumah sendiri. Siap pergi kat kasut org. Tau la baru belajar sebut 'shoes'. Stress ngejar. Naseb kopi sedap!

Balik rumah, tenaga level tros tiptop nak buat kjr rumah sikit2. Hehe

Korg try la this place kie. Best sgt. Lepak ngn kengkawan best. Ngn bf or husband pon best.
Bawak anak pon xde hal. Kids friendly sbb ada lift to the car park boleh bawak stroller.

Btw mlm tu ingt nak buat portugese grilled sbb smpi rumah dah kol 4. Masak benda tu paling sng cpt n sedap. Tp husband plak taknak. Dia nak buat ikan dory masak sweet sour eh. Grrr. Tataula happy ke stress sbb lepas husband masak, takot sgt tgok dapur. Mcm ada org pecah rumah. Huwaaaa. Xpela kita makan dulu hasil tgn husband yg mcm kat kedai ni.

Makan kenyang2. Jap lagi nak kemas dapur yang menakutkannnnn. Penat den basuh pinggan pastu ada org tolong kemas kat lantai. Sape lagi umar la. Dia pon sebok mengemas daaaa.

Btw happy weekend korg. Byk nak update lagi tp minggu depan la.
I letak dlm draft je sesiap.