Ive been swamped with works since last 2 weeks.
Once umar sleep, i started doing my stuffs...
Well i just need to spare at least 1 hour for this entry on our last 2 weekend in Penang.

Actually we went there to visit my husband's grandparents.
Both of them are not in a good health.
I love his kampung as it's really looks like kampung haha if u got wut i mean.
The house, the surrounding, with padi field and all.

At first im a bit worried to go back as thinking on so many stuffs like can i handle umar in the kampung toilet, is there any bath tub for baby?, can i carry him to the room upstair when the stairs looks a bit scary and all, can umar sleep when there's no aircond?

pfft all my worried went away when we went there.
Umar is super easy baby. Actually i cant believe that he is 1 easy baby to handle when we travel like that.
He's not cranky at all.
He sleep well in the car for the 4 hours trip.
He's ok when anyone hold him.

About the bath tub, lucky, my husband's uncle has it. So we borrowed from them, and my MIL helped to wash the baby bath tub as it's a bit dirty as their kids already grown up. Yes, im thankful to have great MIL like that.

Ohs sbb umar makin gedebab haha maka aku berjaya pujuk husband beli snuggbaby.
Tuh pon sbb aku test sedap kat fabulous mom ttdi. Tros beli.
umar bukan main suka dok dlm tu masa test2.
Mula2 nak beli seram gak. RM300 bukan murah bagi kitorg.
tp pk byk kelebihan nyerh, maka aku tekad utk beli.
YES IT'S A GREAT INVESTMENT after use it for few times.
Baby luv it and i dun have any backache carry him around.
I carry him since i told husband if we buy it, im willing to carry him around. :p
sbb mcm syok tgok aku carry umar, husband pon nak carry umar gak pakai benda ni. haha
Paling penting jimat space boot keter oit. takya bawak stroller la kan g penang.
Takderla husband aku bising boot tak muat ke apa.

3 days in Penang kinda fun.
The main objective is to visit the grandparents.
They really look sick. I felt a bit sorry for them because his grandmother still have to cook for their meals everyday.
Sigh but dun want to eloborate much on that since it's their family stuffs rite.

First day, we didnt go anywhere.
Just stay at home, have a good chat with the relatives and the grandparents.
2nd day, went to Penang island, just jalan2 around the town.
I told them umar want to go to the beach :p, so the brother in law bring us to the beach.
Yey wish come true~
Just makan2 and let umar have some fun on the beach.
Enjoy the pics...

ni masa day 1. pakai awal2 sblom kuar keter g rnr. bukan main suka si kecik ni melekat kat aku

time ni umar da tertido dlm ni. lama gak la dia tido. adalah dlm stgh jam.
I luv the snuggbaby pattern. Serious kalo duit aku bertingket2, aku beli 10 snuggbaby ni. haha :p

gila ko kalo tak pakai carrier ni kena angkut umar cmni. si kecik ni bukan ringan ye.
dah sama berat cm beras. :p nk dekat 9kg!

 masa kat kg. see. happy sangat kan.

 tgok umar selesa sgt dlm tu

umar muka excited tgok burung

 time ni atas bukit. ujan renyai2. n umar tgh tido sedap dlm carrier tuh.
singgah pantai. yey

 mkn abc ujan2. hahaha dapp

 see he's so excited!

Hari ketiga, sebelum balik kl, kita singgah sawah padi dulu amik gambar...

 That priceless face

We will sure will come again next year...:)
Tahun depan umar dah leh lari2.
sure lagi best.