Survey for playschool umar

I just survey brainy bunch semalam and you know what? Tetiba i rasa taknak hantar umar kat situ haha.
Okla here i list some of my pro and cons of my taska/ playschool / preschool utk umar.
Bear in mind tahun depan umar 3 tahun:-

1) Letz Hop - mula2 akak memang dah sebulat hati nak anto sini. Dia kat shoplot tingkat 3 ko. Tp lately ni construction kat area letz hop ni melampau2. Dah la aku pregnant masa bulan 1 tahun depan lagi la heavy pregnant. Kalau umar buat hal nangis2 masa day 1 taknak masuk kelas mestila aku knr standby duduk luar kelas or tunggu kat bawah kan. Acamne nak parking tu. Tho i luv the fact that they didnt accept so many kids and i love the teaching method too, still parking is a big issue. Yuran RM400 monthly. Pastu start kol 9pagi prob sikit sbb aku da pk kalau pepagi aku nak suh alip anto. 9 pagi nti lambat la husband aku nk ke opis.

2) Brainy Bunch kat taman tun - yuran RM350 monthly. Bab yuran aku suka la sbb murah sikit dari Letz Hop. Pastu senang parking sbb dekat ngn tempat aku slalu shopping ikan :p. 
Problem is the space is so small for 20 kids and above. They said tahun depan their intake will be 30 kids. Pfft for that small space, i dun think i want to put umar there. I dun have any problem with the teachers at all. They all look nice! It just the space tooooooo small for 30kids. I have asked my friend who send her kid there still not convince me enough. My instinct said no. Tak paham la. Parents invest yuran memahal g la invest sikit kat bigger space. Im sure it will attract more parents. Pastu 1 cikgu handle 10 kids. Bayangkan 10 umar berak at the same time? Huwaaaa

3) CIC (children islamin centre) - yuran RM330 monthly. Akak suka akak suka sbb murah dari brainy bunch. Haha. Plus dia ada playground outdoor. Ada la taman kicik. I think that's what kids want. Islamic based. Amik maksimum pon 6orang je. Bagusla. Aku tak le imagine if 6 umar berak serentak. Pitam cikgu dia kan. Apapon depends ngn appointment aku jumpa cikgu dia senin depan ni. If ok, tros aku register minggu dpn jugakkk haha semangat. Waktu playschool pon pukul 8.30 - 12.00pm. (Aku amik half day je takya belajar lelama umar sbb nanti makin besar, makin panjanggg waktu belajar. So enjoy ur life first hehe)

Ni la salah satu sebab aku nyampah duk area sini. Option nye sikit je. Lagi2 if nak yg islamic nye environment. Korang share la experience korg hantar anak2 korg if ada hantar ke any of this playschool.

Bebelan rabu

Sementara layan umar ni breakfast, boleh la aku bebel2 kat blog jap.
Lepas ni kena buat non stop housechores.
Tgh in doubt nak sidai kain ke tak sbb ptg nti confirm la hujan spt buang air di daun keladi je.
Baik la g hantar dry machine tu je kan. Will see how.
Kain tgh berlambak nak knr lipat.
Nak masak utk lunch.
Maybe ill make bihun goreng for both of us.
Tghari kunun mcm nak g survey playschool umar.
Well i change my mind from letz hop to brainy bunch just because it's easier to parking there.
Husband agree with my decision too.
Just want to see the teacher that i called that day and see the surrounding before make any decision.
Cant wait to send umar there not because i want me time (tho yes it's 1 of the concern when i deliver the 2nd baby later) tp nak umar expose to better surrounding. Nak dia berkawan.
Ni dia da bosan baper lama tak g playground bernyamuk tu. With jerebu and all.
Mcm mustahil la nak g playground tu selagi jerebu tak ilang2.
Not really concern pasal belajar apa2 kat playschool sbb umar dah pass abc, 1-20, and talk quite well in malay and english. But since brainy bunch is a mondetarry islamic school i hope he can learn the islamic/arabic part well. Paling penting aku harap lepas dia g playschool dia pandai kemas toy dia sendiri hahaha penat la aku guna psycology soft and strong hampeh tak jalan.
Penat aku laki bini kena kemas oit.

Pastu aku harap dia suka makan tanpa memilih makanan.
Haha yerla mana tau bergaul ngn kengkawan lepas ni suka makan kan...
Boleh makan asam pedas lepas ni...

Okla tu je nak bebel.
Gotta go alot of thgs to do.

Gender anak

Hehe sajer la nak compare gender anak laki n pompuan:-

Anak laki
- active dan hyper bagaikan juara
- menambahkan kaum lelaki kat malaysia. Seriously dulu kat tuition sek i, nisbah laki pompuan 1:10. Susah tak jumpa jodoh langsung masa sekolah hahaha. Pastu skg makin ramai orang beranak pompuan tak caya cuba tgok owner radiusite, calaqisya, bellaammara, rinasalleh, awal ashaari... Haha just name few coz that's all in my mind

Anak perempuan
- boleh diharap di dapur. I think parents memainkan peranan penting mendidik anak tanpa mengira gender. My husband really good in the kitchen. My pakcik have 4 anak laki and all of them sangat ringan tulang kat dapur takya jerit pon panggil nama.
- teman shopping? 
- boleh tolong jaga sakit bila da tua
- best boleh gayakan mcm2 jenis baju

Since i dah ada umar, i mmg berharap yg second ni girl. Tapi....ada sesuatu yang mengubah persepsi i.

Masa i checkup kat doc last weekend, doc tgh scan, and the details scan mmg i nampak jelas baby tgh bergerak and his shape is really clear this time. I was so amazed sbb masa umar dulu mesin scan mcm old school kat pusrawi. Kali ni i checkup tempat lain, which im so satisfied, almost get into tears to see the baby. To see the baby at the screen which i know healthy living in my body is MasyaAllah nothg can beat that feeling. I just pray hard that the baby is safe and healthy. After seeing the baby, my feeling change. I dun care about the gender anymore haha.

The baby is boy btw. Haha sorry i cant keep the secret longer. And i thought i would feel sad to hear that news from the doc. But im not. Im happy when the doc said that. Boy or girl, it doesnt matter anymore. I think 2 are enuff for now. Im happy and good with 2 boys. :)

Okla nanti kita cerita2 lagi. Now nak baring and tido. Backpain is killing me.

Late post of maal hijrah and life update

Salam maal hijrah to all.
Alhamdulillah rezeki dalam online business semakin baik sejak dua menjak ni.
I have 4 online business in instagram so far:-

@shortalesbunny - sell clothing for adults and kids

@shortalesbunny_kids - sell shoes for kids (for now. I might sell other products for kids soon too)

@ohweddingku - for renting out items for wedding/ photobooth purpose for any events. still very new since we are still collecting items and plan to reshoot new concepts soon. But feel free to visit this ig. Tho it's new it receive quite good feedbacks. People keep asking for quotation. Alot of plans towards this business hope everythg goes well.

@alvinacollection - for muslimah clothing. Seriously this is the only business that's not goes well at all. Hahaha nevermind at least we learn somethg. Dun sell somethg that is so competitive out there. Like seriously how u want to compete the big brand out there nor the small one who sell pretty and cheap instant shawls. Like how far can you go? Im gonna close @alvinacollection soon and only focus on the other 3 online business since the other 3 are really good so far. Alhamdulillah.

It's not really easy since i have to do housechores, cook and take care of umar at the same time. The only time i can focus do the on9 business is when he had his nap. Now that im pregnant again it's getting tougher with the backpain and all. But i believe Allah is a great planner since the rezeki never stop means Allah wants me to be stronger.

@ohweddingku collaborate with 1 event company to do a photobooth last week. Such a nice experiences! Our first client is Qu Puteh tru collaboration with the event company.

The owner shared a lot of experiences about her business while we setup the photobooth and waiting the event to finish. Both our sons name are daniels and same age too! Hehe

So anyone who interested to have a photobooth for any events, feel free to visit @ohweddingku on instagram ok? Will update alot more itemd there soon!

On umar
He's so smart and clever nowadays.
Definitely will send him to playschool early next year so that he can learn and play with a better surrounding.
3 jam je pon hehe at least he will have quality time rite.
Rite now we already know where to send him just that parking there is a big issue.
The 2 weeks trials might need me to monitor him first at the playschool and how am i suppose to park there is a mystery haha.
Will figure out soon.
His vocabs simply amazing nowadays and he can understand the adults conversation very well so dun ever break promises with him huhu or not he will show tantrum right away.
When im wearing tudung and change to different clothes, he will immediately said "nak pergi shopping yeyyy"
I didnt teach him the word 'shopping' guys he learn by himself tru watching peppa pig haha.
This morning i asked him what do u want for breakfast and he said "pancakes".
Craps the nutella and yogurt just finished yesterday and i only have honey and choc syrup as replacement.
Lucky i have banana too... And he accepted it. Phewww only moms with fussy eater child would understand this situation.
Yesterday i put cabbage into his nasi goreng and he refuse to eat it and i have to seperate the tiny cabbage 1 by 1.
Ohs motherhood really testing my patience and make me miss both my moms more.
I dunno how my mom used to handle all of us.
With different characters and all.

On pregnancy
Secong semester is getting better just that husband have to bear with me as i cant live without cili padi each day haha.
Tomorrow i have a checkup hope everythgs gonna be ok.
This week i didnt eat nasi lemak at all just to make sure i didnt gain weight much for tomorrow checkup hahaha.

Okla gotta eat somethg before umar wake up from his nap.

Hello monday

Penatnye harini lepas subuh tros buat bfast husband and gosok baju dia.
Pastu umar plak bangun tros bz layan keperluan umar sampaila dia baru nap ni baru lega...fuhhhh.
Tu pon aku knr jerit "tido now".
Teros dia baring and tido.
Agagaga umar tak makan saman aku ckp lembut2. Tataula banyak betul tenaga dia da makan, mandi, main, ajar dia coloring, susu...apalagi kan sila la nap.
Selalunya aku knr pura2 tido baru dia nak tido.
Tp tadi aku da pura2 tido aku still dengar dia bongkar toys dia n mcm2 la.
Last2 aku tetido bebetul tu pon terbangun lepas 15 minit tgok eh budak ni still bz main.
Tu yg teros jerit eh boleh plak dia tido senyap tros tak banyak bunyi.
Nampak sangat sbnrnye da ngntuk tp dia tahan2. Oh la umar.

Sebab aku bgun awal tadi, kol 10 pagi aku da lapar rasa nak makan nasi.
Nasebla ada balance ikan pedas smlm. Oh heavennye.

Lepas makan barula bertenaga nak kemas rumah n layan umar balik.

Aku bengang sbnrnye ni tenant aku setiap bulan buat hal bayar duit sewa rumah kitorg lambat 10 hari.
Bulan ni lambat 12 hari.
Sakit ati tol. Korg ada experience tenant cmni?
Can share cerita? Hurms

Weekend tak g memana just g breakfast kat luar jap and kasi la umar main indoor playground kat curve tu jap.
Pastu masuk kedai lego kasi dia main kat situ.
Umar ni kan tinggi untuk usia dia.
Suka hati dia je amik lego dari budak lain and g kasi kat daddy dia. (Ala yg kawasan budak2 play lego tu)
Budak2 tu terlopong je tgok umar haha.
Dorg nak mara pon x bley sbb bukan dorg punya pon kan.
Umar takde perasaan sbb baru 2 tahun stgh ada dia kesah.
Budak2 tu mcm 4 or 5 tahun kot.
Tp tinggi dorg n umar mcm lebih kurang je.
Bagus jugak la confident level umar tu cuma nanti la aku ajar umar belajar main sama2 ngn budak2 lain.

Suka dia berjalan non stop main cmtu.
Balik rumah pon knr paksa nap siap nangis ckp "umar tak suka sleep".
Oh u will appreciate your sleep when you getting older umar. :p

Pastu smlm teringin buat char kuew teow.
Kali ni okla jd aritu buat tak jd.
Kena la ngn tekak aku.

Cuma kurang berair. Next time knr buat kuah dia lebih. Kenyang giler. Yg penting knr ada udang and isi kerang. Skg isi kerang jual kat hero sng betul nak masak. Kalau suh aku rebus ngn kulit kerang sure malas haha.

Terlampau byk craving pregnant kali ni. Layan je la. Next craving yg belum dapat adalah murtabak singapore. Aritu nak beli kat muar boleh plak dia tutup kedai. Eee sabo je la. Weekend ni checkup baby. Harap semuanye ok.

Oh ya weekend sempat layan budak ni swim dalam pool. Dari last week lagi dia asik berendam. Janji umar happy.

Update on umar (2y 5m)

Sebenarnya nak cerita tentang weekend tp tak boleh sbb melibat kan makanan.
Haha ni kol 11.20pm ni waktu kritikal perot penuh smpai anak tekak.
Makan gaviscon pon tak jalan maybe kena beli yg double action tu kot.
Kinda immune with my body by now.
Ni penuh smpai anak tekak pon sbb gatal g telan tembikai kol 7pm. Padahal 2 ketul kecik je aku telan. Nyampah.
By right kena makan before 6pm (masa time aku nye night sickness yg masih berlangsung smpai skg).

So kita cerita pasal umar la.
Lama tak bebel pasal umar.
Minggu lepas kan dia demam-batuk-selsema.
Demam 1 ari je batuk n selsema yg terok last week.
Now recovering alhamdulillah.
Aku rasa most kids affected by jerebu kan.
Tp umar aku rasa sbb allergic kat habuk bantal (genetic daddy dia sgt).
Sbb tu la aku vacume rumah hari2. Mop je tak rajin. Sok kena mop sbb aku da start rasa lantai lekit2.
Adala tu si umar tu buat 'project' bukan2 time aku kat dapur ke apa.

Now umar dah 2 tahun 5 bulan aku rasa perkembangan dia impressive.
Bukan nak puji anak tinggi bakul tp vocab dia sgt la byk.
Bermacam2 ayat dia leh buat english n bm.
Ada la yg tak betul of course tp for his age he can talk that much i think that's kinda amazing.
I think tuh la antara benefit stay at home mum kan.
Dah berhari2 bercakap ngn anak sendiri hahaha kalau tak ckp ngn umar takkan nak ckp ngn dinding kan.
Aku kenkadang tak perasan pon apabender aku bebel ngn umar.
Memang betol la otak budak2 ni mcm sponge time ni la korg leh ajar macam2.
Kalau korg tak ajar pon kasi dia tgok kartun english tu mmg membantu la.
Sbb kdg2 vocab english dia yg aku kagum dia leh buat sentence aku rasa sbb dia tgok kartun 'peppa pig' or pocoyo dan seangkatan dengannya. Dulu dia tak minat sgt skg aku rasa dia da start paham dia suka tgok.
Setakat ni doa tidur pon dia da hafal.
Doa makan je tak pass asik ngadap ipad masa makan acamne tu.
Ntila sok lusa aku ajar haha.
Biar pon bijak berbicara, byk lagi skill kehidupan yg aku knr didik umar.

Contoh nya swim...alahai umar takot bebenor tp tuh la jarang berpeluang g swim kan.
Mungkin kalau rumah ada swimming pool dia terer tros kahkahkah. 
Daddy dia tak suka sgt aku pakai pool angin tu sbb kata dia bazir bil air -_-.
Bagusla pool tu pon da kempis angin malas aku nak pump pakai kaki n tangan.
Lepas ni kalo nk beli aku nk beli yg pool letrik pam tu.

2nd - memilih makan.
Hanya makan yg aku masak je. Tp kat luar tak susah sgt.
Kalau ada jual nasi ayam, ayam goreng, or ikan goreng, tempe goreng, fries n nugget memang pass xde hal. Pheww
Maksud aku dia tak sker yg berempah.
Jgn harap la dia nk try ayam masak paprik mahupon ayam kari LOL.
Kalau g sekolah ntah cmne.
Ni naseb la aku da ajar makan roti canai mamak dari setahun lebih.
Kalau tak susah la kan nak travel g makan tetempat gitu huhu.
Padan muka sbb aku dari dulu asik ajar makan pancake pastu manja breakfast nak telan pancake je.
Now ok la kenkadang aku bagi roti, kenkadang hashbrown.
Tp pancake mengenyangkan, berkhasiat n senang. Leh letak banana kan. Sbb tu aku suka kasi dia pancake.

3rd - kalau tido tak cukup ko bwk dia jalan mmg abesla tantrum yg menguji keimanan.
Contoh smlm. Nak taknak knr g ikea kol 9pagi sbb nak sng parking n malas nak sesak2.
So kol 11pagi kitorg dah settle n nak balik.
Kebetulan a night before budak ni tido kol 12 ye sbb main ngn ayah dia.
Pfft pastu knr paksa bgun mmg emo abes.
Kat ikea ok la tak buat hal.
Tp bila time nak balik, dia mara tol sbb dia nak jalan lagi.
Sampai ke umah emo nak tido tp nak cranky.
Cranky dia tu pakej nak susu berkali2, telan makanan sikit je, berak 2x.
Aku yg end up tantrum hahaha last2 tido pon nap ptg bila dia tgok mummy dia sikit lagi jd harimau jadian.
Umar nye schedule memang takle lari sgt setiap hari.
Maksudnye waktu nap ptg n waktu tido malam mmg knr timing dia yg sepatotnye.
Kalau lari sikit, effect dia keesokan harinya la.
Kesan dia aku la yg hangin 1 badan.
Anak baru sorg aku da psyco.
Tahun depan ada 2 anak ntah cmne. Seram plak pk boleh ke aku handle the stress.
Insyaallah boleh kot.
Tgok namee roslan tu boleh, insyaallah aku boleh kot.

Ni tgh haze ni kesian tol dia asik ckp nak main slide and nak main basikal outside.
Pfft aku terpaksa terangkan the weather is very bad blablabla and umar still sick somemore.
Hurms aku rasa haze ni mcm amik lagi 2 bulan gak utk hilang.
Naseb la aku dok rumah buat on9 business pon ada org amik barang utk pos kan, so takde hal.
I cannot imagine go to work in haze. Pfft so uncomfortable rite.
Skg pon aku tak sidai kain kat luar rumah.
Samada aku dry kat dryer kat kedai or aku air dry dulu, pastu sidai dlm rumah.
Tgok la kerajinan hari tu huhu.

Arini mmg hari yg tak kemana2 kecuali g hiro jap pagi td beli groceries.
Umar sgt behave arini.
Yerla budak tu bgun lambat, perot kenyang makan semua cukup. Daddy cuti some more.
Alhamdulillah daddy dia pon rajin layan umar harini.
Happy aku tgok dorg main together and umar in very good mood.

Ok la nak tido dah.
Hope korg tak monday blues ok.

Mummy with umar yang bijak berkata2.