Pantang experience and Ammar

Hello blog.
I miss u much!
The last entry i blog, i promise to blog about my pantang experience but ammar already 5mo and will start his solid food soon :p.

Didnt know beranak 2 will be this bz!

But nvm. I will just blog as fast as can ok?

Pantang experience (2nd child)
I didnt plan to take confinement lady this time around.
Just cari tukang urut.
After compare the price and all, i agree to take kak ila (she's indonesian).
Dia dah urut lama kat malaysia.
Kata kak ila, selalu urut2 datin2 n artis2.
She is so pretty for her age.
And love her massage service.
So good!
RM120 per day.
But too bad she already go back to indonesia sbb nak uruskan business2 husband kat sana gituu.

I amik 5 hari je urut. 
By day 5, badan rasa best.

I took Shaklee (set berpantang) supplements + nona roguy set as well, so pantang was awesome.
Rasa sihat gila by day 14.
Nak order set pantang shaklee boleh whatsapp saya ok? 0123318084.

I was lucky my parents was fit during my confinement, so they stay at my house and my mom cook for me. Thank you Allah.

Umar so happy his best friend, Tok tip was there to entertain him.
So my pantang experience was awesome.
Week 1, husband on leave so he took care of us, making meals and all.
Tho dapur scary haha. 
Pakkal tgh pantang rasa nak tolong basuh pinggan mangkuk.
Well i did actually at day 4.
Tak boleh la tgok sepah2. Sbb husband style penat, dia kata nti sok pagi dia basuh.
Mmg tak la. Sbb tu day 4, i selamba basuh pinggan pastu knr mara i buat bodoe je haha.
Biasalah kita pompuan kita nye piawaian kan tinggi.
Lagi plak sejenis degil raihana ni :p

2nd weeks onwards my parents came over and mak yg masak.

About Ammar
Ammar is consider lucky baby.
Or perhaps i already know how to handle baby, so everythg was consider smooth.
I bath him since day 2!
Actually i think how kids behave is totally how we handle him.
Ammar is calm baby because i already know how to breastfeed, to tackle his mood, to tackle his different kind of cry and all.
Kulit pon takde eczema macam umar.
Mungkin sbb dok consume Shaklee set pregnant so kulit ammar mmg cantik putih gebu gabas.
Dah 4x orang ingat Ammar girl akakaka.

Looking fw for his solid food soon!

Cuma kasihan asik knr buli ngn abang tapi tetap gembira and terhibur dengan abang.
Abang buat apa pon gelak2.
I love to see their bonding alhamdulillah thank you Allah for this greatest gifts.

Ohs yesterday i plan to make soto ayam before go back to bp with my sister.
I thought it will be nice if i can let husband taste it a bit as he had to setup for pelamin berendoi client that nite.

Haha until 5pm, ntg was done.
Preparation for soto ayam still have lot more to do.
Kids skip their nap because they need their mom to dodoi2kan them at the dark room. Impossible since im rushing to do alot of stuffs as well.
I need to prepare @ohweddingku stuffs for the setup that nite.
In between breastfeed adik and calm him down.
In between suruh umar makan.
In between sidai kain, angkat kain.
Need to pack baju balik kg.

At the end i realized i almost became the worst mom ever as i had to ignore their needs.
So i stop making soto ayam and plan to just continue making it at kg.
Luckily preparation for @ohweddingku settled.
So i took the kids for bath.
Pack clothes.
Able to make burger ayam n fries for dinner.

By 9pm off to kg.


Kita hanya merancang. Allah tentukan.

I have lots more to blog.
Will try to continue by tomorrow ok?