Anak susah nak makan?

Umar in this stage now. At first im worried i thought i didnt do good enough to encourage him eating.
But after google and ask around, it's quite common if your child go tru this stage.
Rite now umar is 1 year 5 months.

I cross tru baby centre and read about this problem as well.


The problem

One of the first skills your toddler masters is feeding herself. Though she can't control much in her life right now, she can definitely control what she puts in her mouth.
So it's no surprise when she's very opinionated about what she will – and won't – eat. She may eat only one or two preferred foods for weeks, then suddenly change her mind and want something completely different. Don't worry – this is typical toddler behavior.

What you can do

Your child needs some encouragement and structure from you when it comes to mealtimes (such as regular meals and healthy choices), but not much more. William Sears, noted pediatrician and author of 23 books on childcare, says whether, when, and how much your child eats should ultimately be up to her. "Your child may eat well one day and eat practically nothing the next," says Dr. Sears, who co-authored The Family Nutrition Book (Little Brown, August 1999) with his wife, Martha.
Rather than get hung up on the fact that your child has refused everything you put in front of her today, consider what she's eaten over the course of one week. Parents are often surprised to find that their child's food intake balances out. Something must be fueling all that energy!
Don't forget to consider how much she drinks in the food equation, too. Milk and 100 percent juice can supply vital nutrients (though too much juice means too much sugar). But because drinking too much milk or juice can also dampen an appetite, you may want to serve drinks after and between meals, not right before. And don't let her fill up on sweets and junk food – her growing body needs the nutrients supplied by a healthy diet, not empty calories.
Here are a few tips to help get through those bumpy patches:
  • Offer a variety of healthy food choices and let your toddler feed herself. This way she gets to exercise a little independence.
  • Don't threaten her or bargain with her. "One more bite and you get a cookie," or, "No story time if you don't eat your peas," makes mealtime into a power struggle. If you want to raise a healthy eater, keep mealtimes positive, and don't use sweets as a reward.
  • Have meals as a family whenever possible. When your toddler sees you or her siblings eating healthy food, she's more likely to want to follow along.
  • Don't take something off the menu if she doesn't like it. Kids are slow to accept new tastes and textures, so if she spits out green beans the first time, try making them again the following week. She may surprise you and decide they're her new favorite food. And be patient: You may have to offer a new food many times before she's willing to make it a regular part of her diet.

Extra vitamins

The American Academy of Pediatrics says that a daily multivitamin isn't usually necessary if your toddler eats a variety of food. But if she doesn't eat much meat or fish, iron-fortified cereal, or iron-rich dark green vegetables, she may need an iron supplement. The best way to know whether your child needs a daily multivitamin – and what kind to give her – is to check with her doctor.
And whether or not your doctor recommends a multivitamin, your child will still need some extra vitamin D. Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium and phosphorus, which build bones. Sunscreen prevents sunlight from synthesizing vitamin D, and it's difficult to get this essential nutrient from milk alone, so some doctors recommend giving children 400 international units (IUs) of vitamin D daily.
But rest assured: As long as your child is growing and gaining weight accordingly, you can be confident that your toddler is getting enough to eat. If you're concerned, ask your child's doctor to go over your child's growth chart. You may be relieved to find out you don’t have anything to worry about!


Things that umar eat now:-
1. Nasi goreng
2. Sosej
3. Fries
4. Wedges
5. Carrot
6. Cauliflower
7. Biscuit
8. Koko crunch
9. Any kerepeks
10. Nugget
11. Roti bakar
12. Any fruits he love it
13. Oats with fruits and yogurt

Things that he dislike/ reject for now:-
1. Anythg soft
2. Ayam goreng

Terpaksa buat roti bakar potong kecik2 jd cmni atas letak sosej.

Dulu suka bolognese skg tidak lagi sobs

He love nasi goreng for now phewww

Any experienced mommy can please share your experience on this?

If you are mommy to be, you better read this!

Haha tajuk knr gempak cmtuh.
Wah2 rajinnyer update blog lately.
Weekend pon update semenjak install blogger kat ipad mini ku ini sng nyer la hai smbil bfeed pon leh taip.
Kalau la bijak sikit dari masa berpantang umar lagi dah rajin berblog.

Btw as per topic, if u r new mommy to be, here's some guidelines for you before purchase any baby gears/ stuffs ok?

1. Breastpump - beli yang Elektrik! Seriously xya buang masa kat manual pump. Ni pendapat aku tau. Sbb lepas lahir baby, masa adalah sangat2 emas. Xya bazir 1.4k (almost) kat medela feeestyle sbb nowadays bykkkk dah brand breastpump electric menarik tertarik ko mmg da bomb. N harga murah! Rerajin la follow if orang2 yg jual breastpump kat ig tu tau. I pakai m.freestyle sbb time tu option terhad. Plus that time im still working n i thought i will still be working at the office. Hahaha tp i xnk jual breastpump i nk simpan je for 2nd baby. I love my breastpump very much. Sgtttt useful masa berpantang.

2. Stroller - sama mcm breastpump nowadays byk sgt option stroller. I bought quinny zapp xtra. I kinda love/ hate it. Hate sbb bab nak fold susah nak mamp bagi aku bila aku sorg2. All this time husband yg fold. Makan space keter myvi ku juger. Beguna masa umar 6 bulan kebawah je sbb dia attach ngn maxi cosy carrier kan. So bila baby tido dlm ktr dok dlm carrier tu sng je angkat attach ngn stroller. Thats the only part i like. If i have money, i want to purchase yoyo stroller. Brand cina. Bukan yuyu tau. Sbb baca review light n murah. Harga dlm Rm600++. Sila search kat ig #yoyostroller. Byk dah seller jual.

3. Ssc baby carrier. Ini sgtttt useful. And the best investment that we ever make. We purchase ssc snugbaby. Harga rm300++. Sng bila bawak g tempat sempit n leceh nk bawak stroller. Sng untuk mummy yg suka jalan sorg2 ngn baby. Hehe tp lepas umar boleh jalan lepas setaun, tak larat sgt dah nak carry dia pakai ni sbb berat. Walaupon boleh carry smpai 18kg. Penat. Tp if darurat mcm aritu nk try naik lrt ngn husband mmg berguna la.

4. Baby cot - xya beli mahal2. Full stop. Depends actually. Since im still breastfeeding umar. Mmg dia tido sekatil ngn kitorg. Dia bgun setiap 2-3 jam for susu. X larat den nak angkat letak. Masa dia baby je byk guna sbb time tu dia byk tdo kan. So bila letak kat situ sngla nak trun bawah nak masak ke haper. X risau baby jatuh ke apa. Confirm selamat.

5. Baju2 newborn - bullshit kalau ada yg ckp jgn beli byk2. Sila beli byk2 yg murah haha coz u dun have enuff time to wash masa berpantang. So beli la byk2 tp murah. Sbb masa baby dorg byk muntah susu. 

6. Nursing bra - u shud have at least 10 pieces. I beli kat fab mom je.

Ini je kot yang penting. Yang lain2 as time goes by, u will know what to buy haha. Hope this info are useful for mommy to be out there!

Maxi cosy carrier

Quinny zapp xtra stroller. Gambar masa lepas pantang :p

Sila beli baju baby style cmni byk2 tau sbb dah la comel n sng burpkan baby. Ala susah la xplain. Beli je k. Hehe.

Umar in ssc snugbaby masa ni dia 5 bulan kot

Snugbaby ni best sbb byk corak comel2. Umar tido pon lena. Ni masa jalan2 kat penang atas bukit. 

Dah beli freestyle before beranak, sila test guna yer. Coz kitorg kelam kabut nak guna masa berpantang. Husband yg tolong tgokkan kat youtube cmne nak guna haha.

Ala2 comel nye awak masa baby.

Ni first time umar dah boleh diri n berpaut. Di waktu 2 pagi dia main peekaboo hello mummy i miss u! Gitu

Eh fisher price rocker ni pon sgt berguna masa umar baby tau. He luv it! Dapp je vibrate. Ni kawan kitorg kasi adiah.

Husband and his new job

Last 2 weeks my husband resigned from his prev company.
He has been working there for 7 years or more. Not sure. Hehe
But this gonna be his 2nd job.
Lama kannn.
He got new job near ampang park and yada2 after compare the pros and cons he accepted the job offer.
So we've been advised by few friends that husband shud just go to work by lrt since the new office just next to Ampang Park LRT Station.

We decided to go there by lrt few days before he started his new job from lrt kelana jaya since thats the nearest lrt station from our place.
Kunun nk sampai sana pukul 7pagi sbb nak test peak hours but hampeh we arrive there around 8.45am.
Lucky got 1 spot for us to park our car there pheww.

Jauh gak to ampang park ada 12 station if x silap. Ke 9 haha serius x ingt.
But the journey took half an hour.
Umar behave well in the lrt and keep on saying "train". :p

Sampai je ampang park tros breakfast kat old town.
Makan laju2 sbb umar da buat hal nak menapak semua kawasan -_-.
After that ajak husband singgah klcc since beza 1 station je.
Boleh la susu kan umar kat bf room kat isetan tu n bawak dia jalan jap kat park klcc.
Tp time tu dah panas kol 11 pagi n husband kata dah nk migrain sbb panas sgt.
Ala manja tol husband ku ini.

Baikla so lepas susukan umar tros balik.
Dlm lrt balik umar tido. Hehe pagi mmg budak tu tido je pon.
Waktu aktif dia 12tghari smpi ptg.

Ngntuk la tu

Lama x babywearing. Naseb umar still ok dok dlm ni. 12 kg tu. Mlm tu tidur awal penat kot.

Nerbes x yang nk start kjr baru? Haha

Btw dia dah 2 minggu dah kjr situ.
So far ok alhamdulillah.
Cuma kol 7 pagi tepat je knr kuar rumah kalau x takder parking kat lrt kj tu.
Smpi rumah dlm kol 6.30 or 7pm depends trok ke tak jam kat kelana jaya.

Mula2 husband agak susah nak sesuaikan diri kat sana.
Team members tak berapa friendly and project pon xde lagi.
Ari2 cakap ngntuk kat ofis.
Tp aku suh dia bersabar.
Experience aku kjr kat mana2 pon sama n biasa la old staffs mesti nk tunjuk terer.
Slowly they will accept u la no matter wut.
Talking from experience from working with several multinational companies that have minor malays in the companies, mmg take time untuk dorg terima and appreciate kita.
But once they got to know u n how well u work there, they will definitely respect u and treat u like the others.
Mmg knr pandai bawak diri n sabar.

Hope he's getting better at the new place.
Coz i believe he will enjoy working there just it takes sometimes.
Plus it's international company and the benefit quite good.

So nak amik hati husband yg ketar lutut berdiri dlm lrt, balik je kjr mmg selalu aku da masak utk dia. Hehe sian mesti lapar kan.

N nk amik hati gak aku bagi some motivational quotes / secret msg letak diam2 dlm pocket baju kjr dia haha!
Kunun sweet abes la ni! :p i google je uolls. Xla kasi secret msg tetiap ari. Selang 2-3 ari.
I knew he need my support on this.
N the rest tawakal pada Allah semoga dipermudahkan dia d tmpt kjr. Amin.