3rd trimester and unforgettable moment

Let me share with you all something really scary happened to me last Friday nite.
That time i was asleep, suddenly i feel something really burning at my throat.
I couldn't talk, it makes me tersedak la cmtuh, and it's really make me panic coz i never felt like dat before.
Then, tros muntah ngn byk nyerh.
Sempat lah ke toilet.

Lepas tuh bertenang sekejap n husband kasik minum air masak, lama sikit baru hilang rasa tuh.
I really thought i will die.
huhu takot sangat perasaan tuh.
Baca ayat kursi banyak kali sampai tertido balik.

I talked to my sister in law the next day when i met her, as we all went to penang for a cousin's wedding.
Then she said the thing that i had is called heartburn.


Anyway, im so bigggg now.
Huhu. i can feel the baby really active moving and kicking inside me.
and baby hiccups too. huhu
Such amazing feeling that Allah gave us.

2 bulan or sebulan setengah lagi till i become a mother i guess.
Got few more items to buy before the baby pop-out. huhu hope we will be able to prepare everythg on time.

Biggie me in 3rd trimester at 30++ weeks in penang last weekend.

Happy Birthday to my pregnant sister~:p

Happy birthday to my elder sister~
Glad that i know we pregnant quite at the same time. Beza cuma selang 2 minggu je kot. Hehe EDD dia 13/6 eh? EDD aku 26/5.
weee riuh la umh mak aku nanti.
Kitorg berpantang lebih kurang 2 minggu kat rumah mak aku nanti.

gambar time wedding kat JB last weekend

and the best part is sorang mengandung anak laki. Sorang mengandung anak perempuan.
Hah saper nyerh anak laki and saper anak pompuan? aku ke dia?
muahahaha tunggu la yer.
Dia cuma naik beberapa kg je masa pregnancy. Aku? as mentioned before. huhu
Ok la banyak nak update tp later2 kie.